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Frequently Asked Questions



I have a query about an order who should I contact?


Nielsen Booknet only provide an order routing service, if you have any queries concerning the shipping, payment or any trade discount you may wish to offer the purchaser, these need to be directed to the company originally ordering your title directly. The contact information for this company should be provided in the original order form.



How can I print my new orders before acknowledging them?


To print the orders before acknowledging them, go to Order History or Order Line Calendar.



I do not publish/distribute some of the titles ordered, why are you sending me these orders?


Maybe the bookshop used a mnemonic on this order line to bypass the ISBN look-up on our routing database and force the order to you.  If the bookshop has not used a mnemonic we may have the incorrect routing information for this ISBN or ISBN prefix – please email tradedata.book@nielsen.com to let our Trade Data Team know you do not distribute this ISBN, if you know who does handle this title this would help us update our database quicker.



The price on the orders is wrong, how do I update this?


Please email tradedata.book@nielsen.com, include the ISBN and the correct price and our Trade Data team will update the price.



The title ordered is out of print, how do I update this?


Please email tradedata.book@nielsen.com, include the ISBN and the correct availability and our Trade Data team will update the availability.  We will continue to send orders even if the status is out of print.  If the status of the title is correct on our database when the bookshop receives the TeleOrdering confirmation of their order this shows the title is out of print.



There is no author or title on the order only the ISBN, how do I update this?


We will show the author and title only if we have this information on our database.  You need to let us know the bibliographic details of your titles.  There are a number of ways to do this - using our online publisher editing service - Nielsen Title Editor.  To find out more about this service and register visit http://www.nielsenbook.co.uk/

Or you can use our New Title Form which can be found at http://www.nielsenbook.co.uk/ within the Publishers and Distributors information.


What’s Nielsen Title Editor / Pubweb?


Nielsen Title Editor is an online bibliographic editorial service for Publishers that enables you to:

look at your own titles
input the bibliographic information on your new titles
get your titles onto the database more quickly
amend your titles
upload scanned images of your book jackets

To find out more about this service visit http://www.nielsenbook.co.uk/


Nielsen Title Editor is the replacement service for Pubweb.


A bookshop tells me they have placed an order but I cannot find it, why not?


The bookshop may have used a wholesaler mnemonic so the order has been sent to a different supplier; we have not received the order from the bookshop yet; the ISBN routing may be incorrect so the order has been sent to another supplier or there is a problem with the TeleOrdering or Nielsen Booknet systems causing a delay in displaying new orders.  Please contact Support (01483 712 260 or help.book@nielsen.com) and they will investigate for you.




How do I make the text on the screen larger?


Use your browser to increase the text size:

Increase press Ctrl +

decrease press Ctrl -




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