Bulk Acknowledge

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Bulk Acknowledge screen allows you to print your orders and acknowledge them by title.


Access Bulk Acknowledge from the View by SAN screen, when the link View New Orders is displayed, or you can also access bulk acknowledge from tracking, order history or from the View by SAN screen by clicking the in progress link.


Orders can be bulk acknowledged by Title and/or Customer.


All the titles awaiting acknowledgement are listed, followed by all the customers with orders for those titles.


The tick box on the right hand side of each title and customer line allows you to select or deselect the title or customer individually.


Click select all below either the title or customer block to select/deselect all titles or all customers.


Select the appropriate acknowledgement status for each title.  You cannot use any of the acknowledgement statuses that substitute the ISBN ordered (use Order Processing accessed by view by SAN to acknowledge with a substitute).


‘Create Acknowledgement’ will acknowledge all the titles for all the customers selected.


Bulk acknowledge cannot be used for W H Smith orders.  The reason for this is to display additional fields which can not be viewed via Bulk Acknowledge.