Create Credit Note

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Enter the bookshop SAN or the bookshop name and click search.  If you searched by name or part name and more than one match is found, a list of bookshops displays, click on the SAN of the correct one.


The next credit note number in your sequence will be allocated.  This can be changed for this credit note by over typing the number shown.


The customer rule displays whether this customer will automatically receive an EDI invoice and delivery note or not.


The invoice and delivery address are those that are held on the TeleOrdering database, they can be amended for this invoice if required.


Enter the ISBN and press fill to complete the title details.  Enter a client credit reference, select a reason for the credit from the drop down list, VAT code, book unit cost, discount %, RRP and quantity.  The values entered will be used on the credit note, the unit cost will not be calculated from the RRP and discount.


Click add to add the line to the credit note.


The entry boxes will clear and the added line will display.  Continue entering lines until the credit note is complete.


To remove lines from the credit note un-tick the checkbox for that line.


Click preview to see the completed credit note.  Only those lines that had a tick will display.


If any details are incorrect, click on Edit to return to the previous screen to make amendments.  If you want to completely discard all the entries made on the Create Credit note screen, go to the Current menu and select View by SAN.


If the credit note is correct, click Confirm.


An electronic credit note is automatically created for those customers requiring EDI when confirm is pressed.


The Print Credit Note screen is displayed next.  Press print credit note to print the credit note, the normal Windows print options box will display to allow you to request multiple copies, etc.