Create Invoice and Delivery Note

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From the view by SAN screen, click on the number in the edn/inv (electronic delivery note / invoice) column belonging to the bookshop you wish to create an invoice and/or delivery note.  The number indicates the number of orderlines waiting to be invoiced or for which a delivery note is required for this customer.  Some customers do not want electronic invoices and you will be able to create a delivery note only.  The customer rule on the create delivery note or create an invoice and delivery note screen will indicate which documents are required.




Complete the invoice and/or delivery number boxes.  If the invoice and delivery numbers are the same, complete the invoice number followed by tab; the number will be copied to the delivery number.


If you have setup the option auto invoice prefix in Preferences, the invoice and delivery number in your sequence will be allocated.  This can be changed for this invoice by over typing the number shown.


The customer rule displays whether this customer will automatically receive an EDI invoice and delivery note or not.  The processing type is AUC for customers who order with a unit cost (W H Smith) or RRP.


The invoice and delivery address are those that are held on the TeleOrdering database, they cannot be amended.


The invoice, tax point and date delivery automatically show today’s date.  The latest delivery date automatically displays the date after today.  They can be amended for this invoice if required.





The order number, order date and under contract number (if available) will display, followed by the order lines for that order.  Complete the invoice and/or delivery information for each order line.




If the customer requires just a delivery note the only box you can update is the quantity.


Special price is normally left blank.  You may wish to indicate that a special price has been used for a line: F=free, P=Promotional, E=Export.


Select the VAT rate for the order line: Zero Rate, Standard Rate (currently 20%, the unit cost will be automatically calculated by dividing the RRP by 1.200), Export VAT (currently 0%), Export on VATable item (VAT is removed from RRP by rrp x 100 / 120.0), Mixed Vat for order lines that contain items which are part vatable e.g. book + CD.  When mixed VAT is selected another box Media Unit Cost will display, enter the book unit cost and the media unit cost, VAT will be calculated at 20% on the media unit cost.


Check the book unit cost (which is RRP less discount).  If the unit cost is amended you will be asked if you want to amend the discount rate automatically.  The unit cost cannot be higher than the RRP.


Check the discount rate, this can be amended.


If the RRP displays as 0.0000 this can be amended to the correct RRP.  If the RRP is not zero the RRP cannot be changed, this is because this price has been confirmed when the order was acknowledged.


RRP and discount will not display for W H Smith orders.  This is because W H Smith quote the Unit Cost they expect in their order.


Tick or un-tick the incl. check box to include or exclude an order line from an invoice and/or delivery note.


If charging for freight, select the VAT rate for the freight and enter the freight charge for the whole invoice.


Click preview to see the completed invoice and/or delivery note.  Only those lines that had a tick in the incl. column will display.


If any details are incorrect, click on cancel to return to the previous screen to make amendments.  If you want to completely discard all the entries made on the Create Invoice screen, go to the View menu and select View by SAN.


If the invoice and/or delivery note is correct, click Confirm.


An electronic delivery note and invoice are automatically created for those customers requiring EDI when confirm is pressed.


The Print Invoice screen is displayed next.  Press print invoice to print the invoice or print delivery note, the normal Windows print options box will display to allow you to request multiple copies, etc.  You may want to adjust your internet page settings to stop the internet page header and footer printing on your invoice/delivery note (select File from your browser, select Page Setup, remove the text in the Header and Footer boxes, click OK).