Customise Downloads

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Use this screen to define the reports on acknowledged orders you can download from the website for upload into your own accounting system.


Select the format for the downloaded reports. Currently only csv (comma separated) is available.


The fields on the left of the screen are those available to be chosen. Those on the right are those which will be in the downloaded report, in the order they will appear.


To add a field to the report, select it from the left hand screen so that it is highlighted, the click on the single arrow > to move it to the right hand side of the screen. To remove a field from the report, select it on the right hand side of the screen and click the single arrow < button.


To add all available fields to a report use the double arrow >> button. To remove all selected fields, and start again, click the double arrow << button.


Click on the set button to save all changes to the report.