Order History

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Displays a record of your received orders showing the data and time they were collected and the number of order lines.


Click on a date to display the orders collected at that time.




Detailed View is displayed of orders by Customer.  You can switch to the summary view.  Summary View displays orders by order line reference.


Optionally Print orders in either of three formats:

Print Print the orders as displayed on screen

Print by Customer Paged (new page for each customer)

Print by Customer Unpaged (no new page at change of customer)


Optionally Bulk Acknowledge.


The ack column shows if an order has been acknowledged or not. If no symbol appears, no acknowledgement has been made. If a symbol does appear, acknowledgement has been made. Position the cursor over the symbol to show the acknowledgement status (green tick means the order line has been accepted with no supply problems, red cross indicates a rejected order, yellow symbols show potential supply problems).


The inv column shows if an order has been invoiced. Again position the cursor over any symbol to get an explanation of its meaning.


Clicking on the isbn (order date in summary view) opens up another window displaying more details about the order line, including title, author, customer reference and a more detailed description of any problems with the line.


In summary view clicking on the invoice ref opens up the Print Invoice screen showing the complete invoice.  Click print invoice to print the invoice, click print delivery note to print the delivery note, click return to order tracking to go back to the previous screen, click generate credit note and recharge entire invoice to turn the invoice into a credit note and create a new, correct invoice.