Order Line Calendar

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To display a different calendar month click on << to go to a previous month, >> to go to the next month.


Click on a highlighted day to see the details.


Displays a record of your received orders by day and the number of order lines.


Click on a date to display the orders.


Detailed View is displayed of orders by Customer.  You can switch to the summary view.  Summary View displays orders by order line.reference.


Optionally Print orders in either of three formats:

oPrint – Print the orders as displayed on screen
oPrint by Customer Paged (new page for each customer)
oPrint by Customer Unpaged (no new page at change of customer)


Optionally Bulk Acknowledge - Orders can be acknowledged by Title and/or Customer.  See bulk acknowledge.


Optionally change the search by criteria from order date to either collection date, acknowledgement date, invoice date or date downloaded.