Order Processing

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The Order Processing screen allows you to print and acknowledge orders. Booksellers that can receive an EDI acknowledgement e.g. Gardners will be sent this automatically. Booksellers who do not receive EDI will be able to view the acknowledgement using Nielsen Bookdata Online.


The screen displays a list of all orders awaiting acknowledgement from the selected SAN.




To acknowledge an order, use the drop-down boxes to set the availability of an item and the status of the order line. If an availability has been set in Title Information Preferences it is this data that displays.  If the status requires a date or substitute ISBN, enter this in the box titled ‘date/ISBN’; enter dates as ddmmyy.  If you enter a substitute ISBN, click the fill button to complete the title and author for the substitute.  The price, discount and shipping quantity are default values and can be changed manually if required.  If you change the order quantity the remainder will NOT be held.


Note: For W H Smith orders Order classification is displayed on the order screen above the ISBN field, it will be either New Release Orders, Stock/Replenishment Orders or Promotional Campaign Orders.  Earliest and Latest Delivery Dates are displayed to the right of the order classification.  The RRP and discount fields have been removed and replaced by the Unit Cost field.  This is the Unit Cost agreed with WHS and the supplier.



Only the availability and order line statuses that you have set in preferences display in the drop down list.  If you need another status go to preferences and add it.


Repeat this process for all lines to be acknowledged. If there is a line you do not wish to acknowledge, deselect by removing the tick in the confirmed check box at the right hand end of the line.


If you wish to un-confirm or confirm all order lines displayed, click the deselect or select button at the bottom of the screen.


To complete the acknowledgement, click on the confirm button at the bottom of the screen.  The view by SAN screen re-displays ready for you to select the next SAN's order.  The order you have just acknowledged is displayed in the list with the number of lines acknowledged in the back, held or inv columns ready for the next action.


If you acknowledged any order lines with a substitute ISBN, the original order line is cancelled and a new order line is created; the new order line is used for invoicing but you will see on the screen that it is a substitute.


To print an order, use the print button at the bottom of the screen.


The order can be resorted using the column headers, e.g. clicking on title will sort the orders lines in alphabetical title sequence.


To cancel click the return to san list link at the top right of the order, the orders are not acknowledged.