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This is the screen you will see upon logging in.


This screen will display an icon to represent the status of orders, listed by SAN.  The icons are:



Blank = Order line not yet progressed


Green tick = Acknowledged and ready for invoicing


Yellow tick = Acknowledged but not EDI invoicing


Yellow exclamation mark = Dues


An order status count shows the total of each type e.g. in progress 16


Clicking on the type link (in progress, back orders or held orders) will take you to the bulk acknowledge screen.  Clicking on the the link View New Orders when it displays will take you to the bulk acknowledge screen and give you the option to print the new orders before bulk acknowledging.  You cannot bulk acknowledge orders from W H Smith.


The field titles at the head of each column can be used to sort the list by that column i.e. Click on san name to list orders in alphabetical order of the bookshop name.  Clicking on the column headings inprog, back, held or inv brings the bookshops with orders for the chosen status to the top of the list.


Clicking on the SAN number at the start of each row takes you to the ‘Order Processing, in progress’ screen displaying all orders currently in progress that are awaiting acknowledgement for that SAN.  You can also access this screen by clicking the number in the column headed inprog.  Similarly, clicking on the number in the back, held or inv column with take you to the appropriate order or invoicing screen.


To view just NEW orders collected, go to Order History.


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