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Nielsen Book has played a central role in providing products and services to the book industry's supply chain, both in the UK and internationally, for 150 years. Today, thanks to our unique range of services, we enable business-critical information to flow seamlessly through the supply chain, while our streamlined processes reduce costs and improve efficiency for both buyers and sellers.
ISBN, SAN & DOI Agencies


Providing comprehensive, enriched and timely bibliographic data

BookData is the leading provider of book-related data services to more than 110 countries worldwide. We collect book information from over 70 countries (including the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) and work closely with the leading data providers in the US to ensure we have the most consistent and comprehensive global database of title records available.

One of the key factors in our success is the very close working relationship we enjoy with publishers of all sizes, all over the world. With BookData now established as the primary source of product data (used by retailers, Internet sites, libraries and specialist services); publishers who supply us with new product information immediately gain a ‘shop window’ for their books and other published media on the international market. The BookData database, which now holds more than 6 million title records, is available to booksellers and libraries worldwide, while our sophisticated search and discovery tools allow these businesses to make informed buying decisions.

Streamlining the supply chain in this way brings many business efficiencies to the market, and leads to cost savings for individual businesses. top


Integrating services for book selection, electronic ordering and business messaging

Our central role within the industry allows us to have a direct relationship with more than 40,000 publishers. Our BookNet TeleOrdering service automatically routes orders to the correct supplier, so the originator does not need to spend time and effort sourcing the right information. More than 33.5 million order lines are sent via TeleOrdering each year, a service that has remained at the core of the book trade for more than 25 years. BookNet also allows those in the industry to trade electronically with partner companies, regardless of their size or location.

By providing online services and EDI messaging for businesses, as well as timely and accurate product information, Nielsen Book helps the book industry to trade in the most efficient way, and provides a one-stop-shop solution for all concerned in the supply chain. top


Measuring and analysing sales around the world

In seven countries, spanning four continents, the complex world of book publishing and selling has been transformed by BookScan.

Using the highly-coded metadata provided by BookData, and by gathering the retail sales information from point of sale systems in more than 20,000 bookshops around the world, BookScan is able to present sales information in a variety of ways, including by the market size and share of different book categories, and by individual publishers, specific imprints, authors and price points. In most countries, statistics are also available by actual sales price and consumer discount levels. And because every single title making a sale is reported, the information covers specialised categories and small imprints as well as data relating to the major players.

BookScan data is accessed via the Internet, and uses powerful web-based data delivery and analysis systems to provide reliable, sales-related information for booksellers, publishers and newspapers around the world, around the clock.

Book retailers have had to cope with many changes in recent years: the increased output from publishers; new, multi-format products (such as electronic downloads); a surge in promotional offers, and constantly changing category and genre trends. BookScan helps by giving them the information they need to decide what to buy, how long to stock it and how to promote it. For publishers, BookScan provides essential intelligence to assist with strategic decision-making. In an industry where up-front risk is considered routine, BookScan can help publishers to decide how many of a title should be printed (to minimise returns), and to track both new and backlist publications – improving sales while reducing costs.

And for a broader audience, the world's journalists rely on the credibility of bestseller lists provided by BookScan for their newspapers and magazines, television programmes and radio broadcasts. top

ISBN, SAN & DOI Agencies

Supplying unique identifiers for books and publishers

Our Registration Agencies allow publishers, booksellers and libraries to trade by providing ISBN prefixes in the UK and Ireland, unique SAN (Standard Address Number) and GLN (Global Location Number) identifiers for businesses, and DOI (Digital Object Identifier) names, for identifying and locating publications on the Internet. Our BookData service is the industry-leading source of product information for English-language books; with BookNet, we provide the transactional services that drive the supply chain; and BookScan service completes our virtuous circle, providing the most extensive book sales monitoring and analysis service in the world. top

The Nielsen Company

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